Who owns Maples Group?

Who owns Maples Group?

Maples Group

Headquarters Ugland House 121 South Church Street George Town, Cayman Islands
Key people Alasdair Robertson (Managing Partner)
Date founded 1962 McDonald & Maples
Founder Jim McDonald John Maples
Company type Limited liability partnership

What does Maples Group do?

The Maples Group is a leading service provider offering clients a comprehensive range of legal services on the laws of the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Ireland, Jersey and Luxembourg, and is an independent provider of fiduciary, fund services, regulatory and compliance, and entity formation and …

What does Maple mean?

: any of a genus (Acer of the family Aceraceae, the maple family) of chiefly deciduous trees or shrubs with opposite leaves and a fruit of two united samaras also : the hard light-colored close-grained wood of a maple used especially for flooring and furniture.

Where is maple wood from?

Maple, (Acer), any of a large genus (about 200 species) of shrubs or trees in the family Sapindaceae, widely distributed in the North Temperate Zone but concentrated in China. Maples constitute one of the most important groups of ornamentals for planting in lawns, along streets, and in parks.

What does maple mean?

What is maple seed?

The distinctive fruits are called samaras, “maple keys”, “helicopters”, “whirlybirds” or “polynoses”. These seeds occur in distinctive pairs each containing one seed enclosed in a “nutlet” attached to a flattened wing of fibrous, papery tissue. However, one tree can release hundreds of thousands of seeds at a time.

What do maple trees symbolize?

Maple. Maple trees symbolize balance, offering, practical magic, promise, longevity, generosity, and intelligence. One reason behind these meanings is that maple trees have the ability to adapt to many different soil types and climates.

What does this emoji mean ??

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Is maple a cheap wood?

Pros: Maple is affordable and ultra-durable. It can take a beating and look great for years. Because it takes dark stains well, maple is often stained to mimic a pricier wood, like cherry or mahogany (which is a controversial pick itself because of deforestation in the regions where it’s harvested).

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Like cherry, maple will darken over time, though far less dramatically. Maple starts off very light and bright, with a few pink and grey tones. Over time, it will age to a warm golden honey color. Other light brown woods, like ash and white oak will slightly darken to a beige or amber color.

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All maple seeds are edible, but some taste better than others. As a general rule, smaller maple seeds are sweeter and larger ones are more bitter. Seek out smaller seeds for the sweetest taste. The taste of the seeds can also vary from tree to tree.

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What do squirrels eat? Peanuts, and, yes, maple tree seeds! There are plenty of maple trees near, that means these cute little things won’t starve through the winter!

What kind of Legal Services does Maples Group offer?

Our global Data, Commercial & Technology team provides expert legal advice on the laws of the BVI, the Cayman Islands and Ireland to businesses across a wide range of sectors, including financial services, investment management, technology and consumer.

Is the Maples Group a real estate company?

The Maples Group is a professional property investment company based in Central London. Due to our financial independence we can purchase your property for cash in days. We’ll buy your house, flat, shop or land, regardless of condition.

What does the Maples Group do for a living?

The Maples Group has unrivalled expertise in regulatory matters, particularly in the field of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing. The Maples Group is committed to being a dedicated partner who takes a high touch approach, acting as a true extension of a fund manager’s day-to-day operations.

Who are the partners in Maples and Calder?

In response to the increased volume of local and global regulatory laws, Maples and Calder, the Maples Group’s law firm, is pleased to announce the recent expansion of its global Regulatory group. Three partners from Maples and Calder, the Maples Group’s law firm, were honoured: Gwyneth Rees, Harjit Kaur and Heidi de Vries.