Which is the best question and answer forum?

Which is the best question and answer forum?

Quora − Quora is a question and answer community where users can ask any logical and absurd question in the forum. Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to other users’ answers. The website was made available in 2010 and slowly making its charm all around.

How to post support questions on

Please only post once, so the volunteers don’t get spread too thin trying to answer you multiple times. To post support questions for specific themes or plugins, visit the directory page for the theme/plugin first (i.e. Hello Dolly) and click on the support link to create a post.

What does a forum do on the Internet?

These forums are internet-based group communities where you can start a discussion, or get an answer of your query or even search for new business prospects. These forums allow you to register with them and after that you can look into the answers to various questions written by others or you yourself can answer the questions.

How to write a question for a discussion forum?

Once you’ve determined the type of question to use, you’re ready to write the discussion forum prompt. When writing a prompt, first create a brief introduction that provides context for the question, explains your purpose for asking the question, and sets forth your expectations for the students.

Why do people ask questions on web forums?

Web forums are internet bulletin boards where users post their reviews or ask questions anonymously. The forums help to build credibility for the organizations, as forum members recognize the company’s effort to reach out to the public.

Which is the best question answer forum for WordPress?

Similar to Quora and Yahoo Answers, it enables your user to submit questions, search, and filter questions by status and add a solution to others issues. The best of all it offer its users to comment and answer to a question. Not only this, but it also asks the users to vote for the best answer and mark the best answer to their question.

How to choose the best question answer forum?

Choose the best answer. Manage items by status. 15+ languages supported. Customizable Notification Email. Captcha using reCAPTCHA by Google. Support comments, questions, and answers. Shortcodes available.

Which is the best plugin for question and answer forum?

Inbuilt menu item and user page. Offers the registered user to vote and down on both question and answers. Tag extension by adding a tag (taxonomy) support for questions. Provides more than 5+ inbuilt widgets for showing AnsPress contents and links anywhere on your site. Possess inbuilt image uploader.