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What is another word for a loaded question?

What is another word for a loaded question?

In this page you can discover 3 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for loaded question, like: cross-question, trick-question and catch.

Is a loaded question a leading question?

Loaded questions are similar to leading questions in that they subtly (or not so subtly) push the user toward a particular response. (Note: The source article for this question calls it leading question, but we would call it a loaded question because of the assumptions it makes about the person you’re asking it of.)

What is loaded question in research?

Loaded questions are questions written in a way that forces the respondent into an answer that doesn’t accurately reflect his or her opinion or situation. This key survey mistake will throw off your survey respondents and is one of the leading contributors to respondents abandoning surveys.

What are examples of loaded questions?

A loaded question is a trick question, which presupposes at least one unverified assumption that the person being questioned is likely to disagree with. For example, the question “have you stopped mistreating your pet?” is a loaded question, because it presupposes that you have been mistreating your pet.

How do you respond to a loaded question?

To reply to a loaded question, you should first recognize that the question being asked is loaded, and then either reject the problematic presupposition, point out the fallacious reasoning involved, or refuse to answer the question.

How do you get loaded questions?

Loaded Question is earned from Zavala, with players progressing the quest by completing objectives in strikes or Nightfall playlists. Loaded Question is probably the weakest of the three pinnacle weapons newly added to Destiny 2, but like the others, it offers a unique perk that isn’t seen on other fusion rifles.

What is the issue with a loaded question?

The issue with loaded questions is that they contain an implicit or explicit assumption that the person being questioned is likely to disagree with.

What’s the best way to ask a loaded question?

When asking loaded questions, always respect the boundaries of others. You must also be okay with the other person refusing to answer the question – sometimes their refusal will speak more volumes than their answer ever would, anyhow. Always be aware that a person may or may not answer honestly.

What’s the difference between leading and loaded questions?

There are several definitions and different understandings of these questions, but here’s one way to understand the difference between the two. Leading questions are intended to lead people to answer questions in a specific way based on how they’re phrased.

When to reply yes or no to a loaded question?

That is, someone might intuitively reply “yes” if they’re trying to convey the fact that they aren’t mistreating their pet, or “no” if they are trying to convey the fact that they have never mistreated their pet at all. Note: loaded questions are sometimes referred to by other names, particularly when they’re viewed as a type of a logical fallacy.

What happens when you answer no to a loaded question?

Accordingly, if the respondent believes that that person is innocent and replies “no”, in order to show that they don’t think a conviction is necessary, then their answer will inadvertently suggest that they believe that person is in fact a criminal. “Are you one of those hateful people that doesn’t have any religious beliefs?”

Which is a leading question or a loaded question?

In addition to being leading, this question is flawed in other ways, too. This question really contains two questions, each of which could have a different answer from the same person. For example, someone could agree that there wouldn’t be a female president for a while, but not agree that it was for the best.

What was the loaded question in the House?

The loaded question referred to a vote Hultgren cast last November when the House passed its version with a 227-205 vote. ‘Are you better off now?’ Hultgren asks audience about tax cuts.

Which is the defining factor of a loaded question?

The defining factor of these questions is the implicit assumption about the respondent that is included in the question. Loaded questions are controversial because they capitalize on the human weakness to immediately react to an emotional response without much consideration.