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What makes PPL a good company to work for?

What makes PPL a good company to work for?

As each new day begins and ends, PPL is there, powering people’s lives – all day, every day. Our people understand the vital role they play in our customers’ lives is anything but average. We are driven by the mission of providing safe, reliable service to our customers – all day, every day.

How to contact us for a PPL program?

Please note: These program specific contact us methods are for existing and potential program participants, representatives, care/support workers and vendors. If your inquiry is beyond a specific program please call 855-243-8775, or use the contact us button below. We could not find your state, please choose a state from the list.

Who is the manager of regulatory programs for PPL?

As the manager of regulatory programs and business services for PPL Electric Utilities’ 29-county service area in Pennsylvania, Maldonado-Stumpf is the link between PPL Electric Utilities and high level state policy makers and regulators regarding low-income programs and PUC regulations.

What are the different types of water transportation workers?

They operate and/or maintain vessels that transport people or cargo across bodies of water. There are many specific job titles within the broader category of “water transportation worker,” including merchant mariner, captain (or master), mate (or deck officer), pilot, sailor, ship engineer, marine oiler, and more.

Can a company offer an employee transportation plan?

Companies interested in offering employee transportation benefits for their workers have a many selections when it comes to designing a program. They can: Over the last year, working families have seen their savings shrink and, in many cases, their job security threatened.

Who is responsible for transportation to and from work?

Transportation to and from the workplace is generally the responsibility of the employee, but sometimes employees with disabilities are unable to drive and need to find alternative transportation. A good resource for individuals whose disabilities interfere with driving is the local center for independent living (CIL).

How does the rapid help with transportation to work?

The Rapid helps with rides through the Wheels to Work program in some cases. Wheels to Work assists employees with transportation to and from work for a nominal fee. The program operates through payroll deductions with the employer and employee sharing the cost.

Can a person with anxiety take public transportation to work?

An employee with anxiety and a driving phobia takes public transportation to work. After a company restructure, the employee was moved to work in a new location that would necessitate a lengthy commute involving two buses and a train.