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What do I need to apply for unemployment in Rhode Island?

What do I need to apply for unemployment in Rhode Island?

You will need to provide your Social Security Number and the full name, address and telephone number of all employers you have worked for in the last two years. If you are not a United States citizen, you must provide your alien registration number. This guide will help prepare you.

Can a employer search an employee’s locker or desk?

Yes. An employer will generally have the right to search an employee’s locker or desk in certain situations and if employee consent has been obtained. For example, if an employee is suspected of having a firearm, dangerous weapon or drugs, then a search may be appropriate.

What happens if you overpay unemployment in Rhode Island?

If the decision is ruled in your favor, any money you paid towards your overpayment will be returned to you. Rhode Island General Law, Chapters 42-62-7.1 and 44-30.1-1 allows for offset of state and/or federal income tax refunds and lottery winnings to repay any benefit overpayment.

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Where can I find the Rhode Island Employer Handbook?

The most recent edition of the Employer Handbook, which includes updated information, is now available on the LMI web site at 1 Employer Handbook Section I Published January 2017; Revised November 2017 Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training

How does the employer tax work in Rhode Island?

These programs provide economic stability to workers, families, communities and the Rhode Island economy as a whole. The Employer Tax Section processes all Quarterly Tax and Wage Reports (Form TX-17) and accompanying tax payments, submitted by Rhode Island employers.

Can a part time employee work in Rhode Island?

With few exceptions, employers of one or more workers in Rhode Island are subject to the Employment Security and the Temporary Disability Insurance Acts. Employers of part-time and seasonal workers are subject even if their employees work for only part of a day.

How to contact the RI Division of taxation?

RI Division of Taxation – Employer Tax Section – 401-574-8700 (Option 2). Technical Problems with the online application – 401-831-8099.