When did the Creation Records record label fold?

When did the Creation Records record label fold?

The 7-digit catalogue numbers (usually preceded by SCR) were Sony-licensed releases. The label folded in 1999 and was revived at one point in 2011 for the release of a compilation album, Upside Down, spanning songs from the label.

Who are the founding members of Creation Records?

Creation Records Ltd. was a British independent record label founded in 1983 by Alan McGee, Dick Green, and Joe Foster.

Who was the first artist to sign with Geffen Records?

Profits were split 50/50 between Geffen Records and its respective distributors. Geffen Records’ first artist signing was superstar Donna Summer, whose gold-selling album The Wanderer became the label’s first release in 1980. The label then released Double Fantasy by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Who is the CEO of a record label?

A music executive or record executive (CEO) is a person within a record label who works in senior management, making executive decisions over the record label’ (company) decisions. These decisions will affect the artists signed to the label, as in many cases, these decisions will affect the resource, and direction of the company.

When did Creation Records become an independent label?

Creation Records was awarded ‘Independent Label of the Year’ every year between 1995 and 1998 by Music Week, and McGee was awarded the NME ‘Godlike Genius’ award in February 1995.

How to start your own independent record label online free?

With RouteNote’s digital music distribution you can easily set up a label with the opportunity to get your artists’ music on all the biggest stores. Through RouteNote you can upload unlimited albums, EPs, and singles for free and put them on the world’s biggest digital platforms to reach audiences worldwide.

What’s the first step in setting up a record label?

Choose The Name The next step is to create an identity for your record label. Research your competitors and how they are branded. Creating the right kind of identity for your label is incredibly important, given that in the international digital age this will be your shop window.

Is there a record label in a box?

Record Label in a Box was created by independent music distributors Ditto Music, built to contain everything you could possibly need to set up and run a label. As we all know, professionals in most every industry on the planet like for things to be complicated and confusing.