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Is homework necessary for student success?

Is homework necessary for student success?

Homework in moderation and with realistic expectations can teach your students valuable life skills and help parents assess their young children’s learning abilities and progress. Too much can cause stress, fatigue, and disruption to family life.

Is it rude to wear hats in class?

No, wearing a hat to class is not disrespectful. But I guess it depends on where you go to school–some religious affiliated schools may have a problem with it.

Is it rude to wear a jacket inside?

“If you have a coat on indoors, your body will be able to shed less heat, so conceivably your skin temperature on the exposed parts of your body could be slightly higher than they would be otherwise. If this is the case, then you would feel slightly colder outside than if you had removed your jacket.”

Is it OK to wear hats in church?

Hats in church are not acceptable. As a sign of respect, the hat is briefly removed or raised when passing in front of a church, as well as, passing funeral procession. The etiquette for women’s hats in church is not so strict. Women can leave their hats in church unless it blocks someone’s view like at the wedding.