Why have a drug free workplace policy?

Why have a drug free workplace policy?

Implementing a Drug Free Workplace Program helps screen out job applicants with substance abuse issues, which saves time and resources in the hiring process. In fact, people with substance abuse issues are less likely to apply for a position with a company that has a known Drug Free Workplace Program.

What would an effective drug free workplace program include?

Effective education addresses company-specific details about the policy and program. And it should include general information about the nature of substance abuse; its impact on work, health, and personal life; and types of available assistance.

What is drug free workplace training?

Drug-Free Employee Education This education session focuses on raising employees’ awareness of the effects of mood-altering substances on the workplace as well as the indicators of substance misuse and addiction.

What does it mean to have a drug free workplace?

This Drug-Free Workplace Policy (Policy) reflects the Company’s intent to maintain a drug-free workplace in order to promote the safety of all employees, customers, and the general public and to comply with the Federal Requirements of The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (Act) and applicable state, or local law, or any controlling authority.

Is it against the law to use drugs at work?

“Employees are prohibited from unlawfully consuming, distributing, possessing, selling, or using controlled substances while on duty. In addition, employees may not be under the influence of any controlled substance, such as drugs or alcohol, while at work, on company premises, or engaged in company business.

Is the ABC company a drug free workplace?

ABC Company hereby adopts the following policies and programs to achieve a drug-free workplace: COMPANY POLICY ON DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE ABC Company explicitly prohibits: The use, possession, solicitation for, or sale of dangerous drugs on company premises or while performing an assignment.

What is the drug free workplace policy 385?

Sample: Drug-Free Workplace Policy 385 A19 CONFIDENTIALITY All information received by the organization through the drug-free workplace program is confidential communication. Access to this information is limited to those who have a legitimate need to know in compliance with relevant laws and management policies. SHARED RESPONSIBILITY

How do employers benefit from a drug free workplace?

Working for a company that is alcohol and drug free has a lot of advantages. Employers who maintain alcohol- and drug-free workplaces do more than just protect their business assets – they contribute to the improved safety, health and well-being of their workforce.

Does drug free workplace mean drug testing?

Some employers are required to implement a drug-free workplace program under the Drug-free Workplace Act of 1988. This act requires that the employer have a written drug and alcohol policy. The act does not require drug testing as a part of that policy.

What is drug free work policy?

What is a “Drug Free Workplace?”. It is an employment setting where all employees adhere to a program of policies and activities designed to provide a safe workplace, discourage alcohol and drug abuse and encourage treatment, recovery and the return to work of those employees with such abuse problems.

Should workplace drug testing be allowed?

In conclusion, drug testing in the workplace should ideally be used to enhance the health and safety of employees and those receiving services. They should not be used to further marginalize drug users, by cutting off their access to employment or social welfare.