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Why do you need a contractor license in West Virginia?

Why do you need a contractor license in West Virginia?

Contractor License. This law was established to set specific professional guidelines for contractors as well as to protect state businesses and consumers who utilize their services. The law established the Contractor Licensing Board which is made up of state code officials, contractors and construction specialists.

What does the division of Labor do in West Virginia?

Inspectors perform routine inspections and investigate request for investigation requests regarding unlicensed contractor activity. The Act requires all contractors to be registered with the West Virginia Tax Department, verify workers’ compensation and unemployment coverage, if applicable, and be in compliance with the wage bonding requirements.

Who are the coal ash miners that are sick?

Ansol Clark, a fuel truck driver, had two strokes before he was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. Frankie Norris, a heavy equipment operator, developed weeping sores all over his skin, including on his face. He has to wash blood off his body every night.

What was the verdict on the Jacobs coal ash case?

In March, Jacobs offered the first 52 workers and spouses who filed 2013’s original suit $10m, but they would have to pay back insurance plans like Medicare, Jacobs would be released from any future responsibility and the 2018 verdict would be vacated.

When did the coal industry start in West Virginia?

Only along navigable rivers was the coal exported to distant markets. The commercial coal industry began to grow with the arrival of the railroads in the coal fields. The year 1883 is an important year in West Virginia’s coal history. The major rail lines were completed that year and production totaled nearly 3 million tons.

Who was the chief of mines in West Virginia?

1909 John Laing appointed as Chief of the West Virginia Department of Mines. 1910 First mine foreman certification examinations. 1910 Peak year for Coke production 4,217,381 tons. 1912 Union strikes in Paint Creek, Martial law imposed. 1913 Clash between miners and mine guards on Paint Creek.

What was the first mine safety law in West Virginia?

With the growth of the industry the first mine safety laws were passed by the West Virginia Legislature on February 22, 1883. This first act called for the appointment a mine inspector to make certain the mines in the state were properly drained and ventilated.

Where was the mining accident in West Virginia?

(1) February 6, 2018: Wolf Run Mining, LLC, Sentinel Mine, U00001583D, Barbour County. Preliminary information indicates victim died when he was struck by a coal rib roll while working on a continuous mining machine. Investigative report