Why do people with multiple sclerosis feel fatigue?

Why do people with multiple sclerosis feel fatigue?

Other studies have shown that the brains of people with MS may also be more activated when performing fatiguing tasks during an MRI scan compared with the brains of people without MS. There are also other possible reasons you may experience MS fatigue. These are often related to other symptoms of the disease.

When did Montel Williams go public with his MS?

So in 1999, Williams went public with his MS diagnosis. He went on to launch the Montel Williams MS Foundation, which raises money to fund research on the disease. And in 2008, he published Living Well: 21 Days to Transform Your Life, Supercharge Your Health, and Feel Spectacular (NAL Trade).

What are the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome?

The four symptoms identified in Jason’s study – fatigue, post-exertional malaise, unrefreshing sleep, and cognitive problems – are considered to be the four hallmark symptoms of ME/CFS.

Can a person with MS also be fatigued?

People with MS can experience fatigue that is unrelated to having MS. Other medical conditions and vitamin deficiencies, for example, can cause fatigue.

How does MS affect a marriage and family?

MS can create extra challenges when it comes to parenting, which can, of course, affect a marriage. If you’re the parent with MS, you may not have the energy to fulfill all your parenting tasks as you’d like to, which may put excessive pressure on your partner.

What to do if your spouse has multiple sclerosis?

“They need information and support just as much,” she says. Support is available through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, both for care partners (online or by phone, 800-344-4867) and for people with MS who would like to talk to others who have it (866-673-7436).

How is lassitude different from other types of fatigue?

Lassitude or “MS fatigue” is different from other types of fatigue in that it: Generally occurs on a daily basis May occur early in the morning, even after a restful night’s sleep Tends to worsen as the day progresses Tends to be aggravated by heat and humidity Comes on easily and suddenly Is generally more severe than normal fatigue