Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well?

Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well?

“The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy.”

Can a grandparent get custody of a grandchild?

Can grandparents be awarded grandparent custody of grandchildren? Grandparent custody of grandchildren may be awarded in some situations where the child is already living with grandparents or if there is a legal reason to deny the child’s parents the fundamental right to care.

What is the legal standard for custody action between parent and grandparent?

The legal standard for deciding custody actions between a parent and a grandparent is found at O.C.G.A. 19-7-1 (b.1) which provides, in pertinent part:

What happens when grandparents take grandchildren away from their parents?

When grandchildren are removed from their homes, grandparents should be notified and given a chance to participate in care decisions. Grandparents who go to court to take grandchildren away from their parents face a daunting task because there is an assumption that children should be with their parents.

When a child has been raised primarily by a grandparent?

The appellate court agreed and held that “the type of harm noted by the trial court falls within that level of stress and discomfort that is an acceptable price for reuniting a child with a parent, and is insufficient to infringe the fiercely guarded right of a parent to have legal and physical custody of his or her child.”

Can a grandparent have custody of a grandchild?

As a grandparent, you may not agree with how your grandchildren are being raised. Parents, however, have the right to rear their children as they see best as long as they are not being abused or neglected.

Can a grandfather get custody of a granddaughter in NC?

It can be a grandmother seeking custody or a grandfather or both grandparents seeking custody. It matters not whether the child is a grandson or granddaughter. In the Triad, a court in Greensboro, North Carolina might interpret and apply the law differently than a court in Asheboro, even though it is the same law.

Can a grandparent have visitation with a grandchild in Washington State?

As a result, grandparents cannot establish visitation with a grandchild in Washington state. However, grandparents may establish custody of a grandchild if the child is not in the custody of their parents or if the parents are deemed to be unfit.

Can a grandchild be placed with a relative?

Almost all states prefer to place children with a relative or “kin” when they can. If your grandchildren have already been in the legal custody of the state, or if they are being abused or neglected and the state is taking custody of them, you can look into becoming their foster parent and have them placed in your home.