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Why are my work areas and trucks cluttered?

Why are my work areas and trucks cluttered?

Cluttered work areas and trucks usually are the result of poor work habits on the part of employees which have been tolerated by supervisors. It is the responsibility of each supervisor to ensure that his work area and trucks on his shift are maintained in accordance with the requirements of this policy.

What is the hiring policy of Patrick trucking?

HIRING POLICY: It is the policy of The Company to hire drivers who are qualified or trainable for employment as determined by our standards of physical fitness, education, experience, aptitude, and character. All decisions regarding the recruitment, selection, and placement of drivers are made solely on the basis of job-related criteria.

What happens if you become an unqualified truck driver?

Therefore: Any driver who becomes unqualified or engages in prohibited conduct as set forth herein may be subject to termination of employment.

What are the policies of Brecht Trucking LLC?

Brecht Trucking LLC prohibits drivers and employees from doing anything that coerces or harasses another person (employed or not employed by Brecht Trucking LLC). This policy specifically prohibits a driver or employee from engaging in any intimidating, coercive or harassing behavior that is sexual in nature.

How much does a small trucking company pay?

Small trucking companies may offer a single rate to owner-operators while providing a graduated pay scale for company drivers. A company driver may start at around 40 cents per mile, for example, with the ability to work up to 45 cents per mile after several years of outstanding service.

What are the best and worst trucking companies to work for?

If you want specific names of “good companies vs bad companies” and you’d like to hear all kinds of filth and complaints about every company under the sun then there are other websites that do exactly that. We just take a different approach is all.

Can a small trucking company gain an advantage?

Small trucking companies must compete with larger distributors for the best truck drivers in their area, but they can find themselves at a disadvantage in recruiting. Compensation is one area in which smaller companies can gain competitive advantages in the labor market.

How many trucking companies do you work for?

In 15 years of driving I have driven every type of truck imaginable, hauled every type of freight imaginable, and worked for companies ranging from 5 trucks up to 5,000 trucks and I’ve never had any problem getting great miles and getting home when I was supposed to be home at any of them.