Who was the first black commander in chief of the Armed Forces?

Who was the first black commander in chief of the Armed Forces?

This year, the nation celebrates the election of President Barack H. Obama, the country’s first African-American president and commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. This significant first for the nation was built on the foundation of many great African-American leaders throughout history.

Who was the first black woman to serve in the Army?

The cursory examination by an army physician missed the fact that William was actually Cathay William, an African-American woman. Cathey served from Nov. 15, 1866 until her discharge with a surgeon’s certificate of disability on Oct. 14, 1868.

Who was the first African American to graduate from West Point?

In 1877, Henry O. Flipper became the first African American to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. His assignment in July 1877 to the 10th U.S. Cavalry, one of two Black cavalry regiments organized after the Civil War, was the realization of a personal dream.

Who is the director of the African American Leadership Forum?

Ernest provides an additional layer of leadership to the African American Leadership Forum as the Senior Program Director. while driving leadership development initiatives for the Network and the community.

Who was the leader of the Universal Negro improvement association?

Born in Jamaica, the Black nationalist leader Marcus Garvey founded his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) there in 1914; two years later, he brought it to the United States. Garvey appealed to the racial pride of African Americans, exalting blackness as strong and beautiful.

Who was the first black woman in the Army?

She had joined the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC—the predecessor to the WAC) in 1942 and became the first African American woman to receive an Army commission. She ended the war as a lieutenant colonel and as the highest ranking black woman in the Army.

Who is Kitana from African American Leadership Forum?

Kitana has been teaching hip-hop and Afrobeat cardio classes for a year and it’s helped her channel her trauma and grief while being free with her body. Her community always shows out as the village that is mentoring, challenging, and embracing her.