Who is the general manager of automotive service?

Who is the general manager of automotive service?

Automotive Service Repair General Managers are responsible for leading all activities within a repair operation to achieve positive sales and profitability. They ensure customer satisfaction and retention through the leadership of staff to perform quality vehicle repair and maintenance services.

What makes a good manager of an auto repair shop?

The manager of an auto mechanic shop can make or break the business. You need to know both how to fix cars and run a profitable business. Also know how to deal with customers so that they keep coming back. Get organized to help you manage an auto repair business and watch your bottom line improve.

How to write an automotive general manager resume?

The automotive general manager resume sample provides the basic structure for your document. It’s referred to as the chronological format because it lists the applicant’s job history in reverse order. In this layout, there’s a header containing your contact information.

What does Aam stand for in automotive repair?

The AMi Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) professional designation provides the groundwork for an individual to be successful as a Service Repair General Manager. This 120-credit hour professional designation builds off of AMi’s Automotive Service Repair Office Manager (AAOM) designation by recognizing its Core Competency and Elective credits.

What does an automotive service manager do at an auto shop?

Automotive service managers provide effective supervision of the activities of technicians to ensure customers get their vehicles fixed on time. What Does an Automotive Service Manager Do? Automotive service managers are in charge of coordinating the activities of an auto shop repair department to ensure efficient operations.

What can I do with shopmonkey auto repair app?

Built specifically for techs, this first version of the app includes workflow, VIN scan, digital vehicle inspections, and to-do lists. Easily track progress as work is completed and everything stays in sync with the web app. Repair to detail. We have you covered.

Is there a car repair program for single moms?

Maintenance for Moms is a program dedicated to assisting single moms by subsidizing their vehicle repairs. No contracts. No hidden fees. Get started in minutes.