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Who are the primary care physicians in York Maine?

Who are the primary care physicians in York Maine?

Our primary care physicians are qualified specialists in internal medicine, with many having cared for patients in the area for over 25 years.

Are there any doctors that work at York Hospital?

There are many physicians, however that also provide services in our community, and care for patients at York Hospital, but whom are not employed by York Hospital, thus are not listed here. For more information on all providers, please click here for a full listing that you can sort by specialty, name, or location to view all of our providers.

Why do we need a primary care physician?

Patients who see a primary care physician are generally healthier than those who do not, as our physicians are able familiarize themselves with their patient’s unique and changing health needs and provide a continuity of care.

Is the primary health care company an equal opportunity employer?

Primary Health Care, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. PHC desires to provide opportunities for professional development and career advancement for our employees. To be eligible to apply for an open position, an employee should

Who are the primary care physicians at Ohio State?

Personalized primary care is the focus of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Internal Medicine and Family Medicine physicians. We are focused on the individual needs and history of our patients and on helping them achieve and maintain optimum health.

How can I find a new primary care provider?

Because of our extensive education and training, we are able to provide primary care to people of all ages – from newborn care to geriatric services. When searching for a new primary care provider, you may be able to schedule your appointment via telehealth or video visit.

How to apply for an open position at PHC?

To be eligible to apply for an open position, an employee should have completed at least 6 months in their current role, and be in Good Standing as defined in the Good Standing section of the Employee Handbook. PHC encourages managers to give preference to internal candidates who meet or exceed the minimum qualifications of the position.