Who are the companies in the just group?

Who are the companies in the just group?

Just Group plc is a FTSE-listed specialist UK based financial services company created following the merger of Just Retirement Group and Partnership Assurance Group in April 2016. You can find out more about Just Group by visiting the Just Group website at www.justgroupplc.co.uk

When did just Group Limited become a public company?

On 8 August 2008, Premier Investments obtained a controlling interest in the shares of Just Group Limited following an off- market takeover offer for all of the Group shares that commenced on 31 March 2008. Just Group Limited was removed from the Official ASX List on 22 September 2008 and became a non listed public company.

Where is the headquarters of the company just?

JUST, Inc. (formerly Hampton Creek) is an American food manufacturing company headquartered in San Francisco that produces plant-based foods that are sold globally.

Is the just group regulated in the UK?

We have a strong brand, known and trusted for delivering outstanding service, which combines with a diversified distribution model to create a uniquely valuable franchise. The companies within the Just Group are authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority and / or the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Who are the Just Group in the UK?

Just is a specialist UK financial services group focusing on attractive segments of the UK retirement income market. We are a leading and established provider of retirement income products and services to individual and corporate clients.

What is the purpose of the company just?

This focus will help us to fulfil our other goals and ensure we deliver value for shareholders. Just has a compelling, clear purpose, to help people achieve a better later life by providing financial advice, guidance, competitive products and services to those approaching, at, or in retirement.

Is the AGM a forum for dialogue with private shareholders?

“The AGM is the principal forum for dialogue with private shareholders.” That’s not fair or equal. It’s a big problem , ask the regulator. ‚ÄúSmaller investors can be overlooked when board focus is primarily on major shareholders.”