Which is the best research for nonprofit HR?

Which is the best research for nonprofit HR?

For over ten years, Nonprofit HR has been a leader in nonprofit employment, talent and culture research. As the need for more social sector-specific data evolves and accelerates, we support nonprofit leaders like you with access to actionable, real-time information to drive your organization’s talent agenda forward.

What’s the percentage of Nonprofit employees seeking new jobs?

A new study from Nonprofit HR reveals an “alarming” trend on the horizon for nonprofit organizations around the U.S. The company revealed that 45% of responding nonprofit employees indicated that they will seek new or different employment in the next five years.

What are the findings of the 2020 nonprofit employment report?

These are just some of the major conclusions emerging from the 2020 Nonprofit Employment Report. Drawing on the rich body of data generated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, the Hopkins report sheds important new light on recent nonprofit employment dynamics. Among the findings:

Is there a survey for nonprofit employment practices?

For the last decade, our landmark annual Nonprofit Employment Practices survey filled a space for much needed nonprofit employment data. In 2017, we decided to return the survey and direct our attention to more timely, focused surveys throughout the year.

What do you need to know about nonprofit HR?

Nonprofit HR has received many questions from social impact organizations and has decided to share the responses with the public. Visit this page to see new questions and answers your peers are asking about diversity,

How to find a job in the nonprofit sector?

Nonprofit Job Seeking Tips: An Introduction To How To Find A Job In The Nonprofit Sector Reading this is a strong step towards obtaining the job and or new position that you want at a nonprofit or foundation. Congratulations, you have now made a solid and real step towards educating yourself on the possibilities and…

How to register women to watch in nonprofit HR?

Register 2020 Women to Watch List Each year, Nonprofit HR produces a list of women in the social sector who are doing amazing things for their mission-driven organizations and communities. This year, we are pleased to Hot off the presses! Access critical resources quickly! Download a new COVID-19 Toolkit now.

How to apply for a nonprofit job board?

… Our Nonprofit Job Board Will Connect You! Place a Foundation List job posting and gain access to nonprofit focused job seekers and obtain valuable automated exposure for your opening and organization. Select from featuring your important job opening, mission/focus, and or simply post a job quickly and easily.