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Which is a threat in the close protection context?

Which is a threat in the close protection context?

Within the close protection context, threats include unwanted attention, unintentional injury, intentional injury or attack, disruption of lifestyle, embarrassment, and a threat to public image. It is vital to threat profile Principals to know the enemy and provide the best protection for the Principal while maximising safety for the operatives.

Do you know the difference between a threat and a risk?

Close protection provision should be relative to the threat, or the perceived threat towards the Principal and the risk level. So, it is essential to know the difference between a threat and a risk.

Which is the best description of a close protection risk?

Close Protection Risks A risk is the probability of a threat occurring, i.e. the amount of exposure one has to a threat that would result in unwanted harm, damage, or loss. We can classify risk on a sliding scale: Low, Medium, High or Negligible, Moderate, Severe.

How are threat and risk assessments carried out?

Maintaining a high level of security involves situational awareness and preparedness. So, the threat and risk assessments should never stop. The close protection operative or team should always be assessing and carrying out threat and risk assessments as dynamic assessments.

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Who is close focus research and what do they do?

Offering Independent Ballistics Testing and Qualification Services. Close Focus Research (CFR) is an American Service company with over 30 plus years of experience in the field of Ballistic Science and Testing.