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Where is the kiosk Sims 4 university?

Where is the kiosk Sims 4 university?

New dorm objects can be bought from university kiosks which are located in the common space on both campuses – a bit like Casters Alley in Realm of Magic. Kiosk items can be found in Build/Buy as well. University Housing lots will come with a configuration panel.

How do you get a scholarship in Sims 4?

To apply for one, head to a computer or your mailbox and choose University. From there, choose Scholarships, then Apply for Scholarships, and you’ll then be presented with the list of options you can apply for. Just select the one you want to apply for and then wait for the reply.

What degrees get what jobs Sims 4?

How to choose a suitable University Degree to suit your Sim’s skills and career in The Sims 4DegreeCore skillsCareers (base game)Computer ScienceProgrammingCriminal – Oracle branchRoboticsFreelancer – Programmer branchTech Guru – Start-Up Entrepreneur branchCulinary ArtsCookingCulinary – Chef branch33 •