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Where do most slip and fall accidents occur?

Where do most slip and fall accidents occur?

The following are just some examples of some common locations for slip and fall accidents.

  • Sidewalks, Walkways, and Driveways.
  • Residential Homes.
  • Public Pools, Gyms, and Restrooms.
  • Commercial Retailers.
  • Restaurants or Bars.

    How is slip and fall treated?

    Minor pain from a slip and fall injury might go away with rest. Applying an ice pack or taking over-the-counter pain medication can also help.

    How do I stop my bathroom slipping?

    However, with a few preventative measures, you can drastically lower you and your family risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom.

    1. Ditch The Throw Rug.
    2. Prevent Tub Slippage.
    3. Keep It Clean.
    4. Keep It Dry.
    5. Install Grab Bars Or Rails.
    6. Light It Up.
    7. Raise Up Your Toilet Seat.
    8. Grab A Bath Or Shower Seat.

    What causes slip and fall accidents?

    Wet and Uneven Floors Flooring conditions are one of the leading causes of slip and fall accidents. Uneven flooring, pavement and surfaces without warning signs. Loose flooring, rugs or mats, including those on stairs. Recently waxed or polished floors.

    What happens if you slip and fall in a bathroom?

    Slip and fall accidents are extremely dangerous, and can result in the victim suffering from severe injuries that may take years to recover from. Due to the injuries, victims may also suffer from financial hardship as well.

    Why do so many people fall in the bathroom?

    Covering the same CDC report in the Los Angeles Times, Marissa Cevallos highlights the fact that the vast majority of injuries in the bathroom (81 percent, to be exact) occur because of slips and falls. Pointing to the slippery nature of bathroom surfaces, she notes that it’s no surprise that the bathroom can be a dangerous place.

    Why are bathroom slips dangerous for elderly people?

    […] and showering can be difficult or dangerous for people with injuries or reduced mobility with bathroom slips and falls being a top cause of injury in elderly people. Slippery surfaces are a danger in themselves, and […]

    Where is the most common place for slip and fall?

    A common kind of slip and fall happens in the household. The most accident-prone are the elderly and children. Most household slip and fall accidents happen in the bathroom and particularly in bathtubs. Loose rugs near doorways have also caused a lot of slip and fall accidents.