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Where can I make my own company logo?

Where can I make my own company logo?

Your business deserves to have the best company logo. From construction logos to technology logos, you will find the perfect company logo at BrandCrowd. Browse thousands of designs – edit fonts, colors and layouts and make one your own in minutes.

Which is the best tool to create a company logo?

The logo maker you use to create a logo for your company is a programmed tool that is developed by a team. So, if you design a company logo using our tool, we guarantee that: You’ll get quality designs as these are designed by our professional graphic designers having hands-on experience in creating logo designs.

How to create a tag line for a logo?

It’s easy with BrandCrowd to enhance your logo with a tag line. They have a massive collection of pre-existing templates to sample and customize. A tag line describes your logo and consists of a short text like a motto or catchphrase. Tag lines that work usually include three to seven memorable, pleasant to repeat words.

How to create a logo on logo maker?

To launch our logo design software simply click the ‘Create Your Logo’ button. Follow the onboarding process from there. What type of files will I get from the logo maker? Once you finalize your logo you’ll have the option to access your logo in different file formats and sizes.

Who was the designer of the corvette logo?

When Chevrolet was preparing their new Corvette sports car in the early ’50s, the task of designing the logo fell to Chevy interior designer Robert Bartholomew. Bartholomew’s design (above) featured two crossed flags: One, the checkered flag that symbolized race victory, the other, the American Stars ‘n Stripes.

When did the first Corvette badge come out?

(See our post on heraldry here .) New badges were whipped up based on Bartholomew’s drawings, and the Corvette debuted in 1953 at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel. Sadly, after that story, all mention of specific designers associated with subsequent logos are nil.

When did corvette stop using the American flag?

1963 sees an interesting change: The American flag is sort of snuck back into the logo, though the French would probably see a Tricolor. The circle is also dispensed with, as the logo is now shaped to follow the pointed “nose” of the new ’63 body design. In ’65 the logo goes minimalist, dropping the fluff and keeping just the flags.

What’s the name of the mascot for Corvette Racing?

Jake’s truly a mascot to be remembered and with Corvette Racing’s C6-R GT2’s racing debut quickly approaching, we’re infinitely curious how he’ll be represented next. (References and Images: BadBoyVettes, Corvette Racing, Digital Corvettes)