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Where are the peacekeeping forces located in Somalia?

Where are the peacekeeping forces located in Somalia?

The peacekeeping forces AMISOM (AU Mission in Somalia) withdrew from key locations in Somalia throughout the year, after which al-Shabaab regained control over towns in conflict areas, including in El Buur, Bardere and Lego, located in southern and central Somalia.

How are human rights being violated in Somalia?

All parties to the conflict violated international human rights and humanitarian law. The UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) recorded a total of 1,154 civilian casualties by mid-November 67% of which were attributed to indiscriminate and targeted attacks, mainly by the armed group Al-Shabab.

Are there any laws to protect women in Somalia?

In August, despite the authorities’ pledge to strengthen laws to protect women and girls from sexual violence, the Federal Parliament introduced the Sexual Intercourse Related Crimes Bill which contained provisions that breached international law and regional standards regarding rape and other forms of sexual violence.

Where are the refugees coming from in Somalia?

From January to November 2017, according to UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, approximately 32,500 Somali refugees were voluntarily repatriated from Kenya to Kismayo, Baidoa, Mogadishu, Luuq, and Afmadow in south- central Somalia under the Tripartite Agreement between Kenya, Somalia and UNHCR.

What kind of laws do the Somalis have?

Somali laws protect people from intentional and unintentional injury to the person. Thus murder, manslaughter, torture, assault are prohibited. Exceptions apply to killing in wartime and the wounding of female children in the cultural custom of genital mutilation.

What kind of crimes are illegal in Somalia?

Under the customary laws of Somalia, it is forbidden to commit acts of homicide, assault, torture, battery, rape, accidental wounding, kidnapping, abduction, robbery, burglary, theft, arson, extortion, and fraud, as well as acts akin to tort like the unintentional causing of damage to another’s property.

How are the clans of the Somali people organized?

Traditionally, the Somali people have no central government. Instead, the people organize in a loose-knit community in which thousands of small groups are linked together by ties established through either family relation or contract. How a clan is organized

Why did the Somalis get their own country?

After Siad Barre’s ouster in 1991, the people living in the formerly British protectorate in the north, Somaliland, acted on the realization that under clan driven majority-rule democracy their region’s interests would never be effectively represented. As a consequence they unilaterally declared independence.