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When was the last time a trucker died on a loading dock?

When was the last time a trucker died on a loading dock?

January 30, 2017 – A trucker suffers injuries after being struck by flying debris. July 28, 2016 – A dockworker is killed after being crushed between the loading dock in a truck.

What are the most common loading dock accidents?

Even if employers and workers follow guidelines to ensure their safety, accidents still occur. The most common types of injuries associated with loading dock incidents involve: Broken and crushed bones caused by colliding with forklifts, trucks, falling on and off the dock, or crushing injuries from falling stacked materials;

Who was killed on a loading dock in 2014?

January 6, 2014 – A company owner dies after being struck by a vehicle backing up. Companies that develop a systematic safety strategy that is continually enforced can reduce on-site accidents and hazardous conditions. An effective safety strategy can create a healthier environment when working on and around the loading dock.

How to reduce the risk of forklift accidents?

Proper forklift safety training can limit the risk of lift accidents and associated injuries. By providing workers with comprehensive forklift safety training, your business can teach its workers how to correctly operate a lift now and guard against lift accidents and injuries. What Is the Most Common Type of Lift Truck Accident?

How did the man die in the forklift accident?

In yet another industrial fatality involving a forklift, a man has died in Oklahoma City after being pinned by the vehicle as he was loading granite at a local business. The man was driving the forklift when it overturned. The accident occurred in the early afternoon. Emergency services tried to free the man but, unfortunately, he did not survive.

What causes forks to fall off a forklift?

Main Causes of Crushing Accidents 1 Inattentive backing 2 Crushed by the mast while tilting 3 Loose materials falling off the forks

Can a forklift operator be fired after an accident?

A forklift operator can be fired following an accident. If an operator ignores forklift safety rules, he or she may face legal ramifications after an accident, too. In the aftermath of a forklift accident, it is crucial for an employer to conduct a thorough review of the incident.