When to file an I-539 for Nonimmigrant Status?

When to file an I-539 for Nonimmigrant Status?

If you are in a nonimmigrant status that is not employment related (such as a B-1 or a B-2), then to apply to extend your stay in the United States, you will likely need to file a Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status.

How to include spouse and children on I-539?

You have an opportunity to include any spouse and children in your application (if they have the same status as yours or are derivatives on your original application) by checking box 5.a and stating in 5.b how many people, including you, are to be considered via this I-539.

How to extend or change your nonimmigrant status?

File Form I-539 to extend your status while your permanent resident case is pending. You may file Form I-765 with Form I-539. You may travel outside of the United States and be readmitted as a K-3/4, if you have a valid passport and K-3/4 visa. You may file Form I-765 with Form I-539.

When to file Form I-129 to Change Nonimmigrant Status?

If you want to change your status to one of the following employment-based nonimmigrant categories, your future employer should file a Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, before your Form I-94 expires. Ideally, this should be filed at least 45 days before your I-94 expires.

Where to send I 539 form?

Where To File I-539 In most instances, you should mail this form to the Service Center having jurisdiction over where you live in the United States. If you are filing for reinstatement as an F-1 or M-1 student, submit this application at the USCIS District or Sub-Office having jurisdiction over the place where you live.

What is the standard I-539 processing time?

The processing time for Form I-539 varies depending on which service center handles your petition. Most I-539 petitions are handled in the Vermont Service Center, which typically takes about 12 – 16 months-though it can be as short as 9 months for individuals seeking an extension of stay as a U or T nonimmigrant.

How can I Check my US citizenship status?

Various federal and state agencies can verify a person’s citizenship or naturalization status. You can check your own status or the status of an employee, if you are an employer, by requesting the most common authenticated documents: birth certificates, passports, naturalization certificates and certificates of citizenship.

Where to mail citizenship application form?

You may submit Form N-565, Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document, online or by mail. If you choose to use a paper version of Form N-565, you should mail it to the following address: USCIS Phoenix Lockbox. For U.S. Postal Service (USPS): USCIS. P.O. Box 20050. Phoenix, AZ 85036.