When does an Iranian citizen acquire foreign nationality?

When does an Iranian citizen acquire foreign nationality?

Article 989 – In case any Iranian subject acquired foreign nationality after the solar year 1280 (1901 – 1902) without the observance of the provisions of law, his foreign nationality will be rendered null and void and he will be regarded as an Iranian subject.

How to get a national identity card in Iran?

Every citizen age of 15 and above, whether resident or not, is assigned a “National Identity Number” is required to apply for a National Identity Card, known as Kart-e-Melli in Persian language (Persian: کارت ملی) any of the local branches of the National Organization For Civil Registration Post Office or E-Government offices

How to become a permanent resident of Iran?

Article 979 – Persons can obtain Iranian nationality if they: 2- Have resided in Iran for five years, whether continuously or intermittently; 4 – Have not been convicted of non – political major misdemeanors or felonies in any country;

Who is considered an Iranian national in Iran?

Article 976 of the Civil Code of Iran defines who is an Iranian national: All residing in Iran except those whose foreign nationality is established; the foreign nationality of such persons is considered to be established if their documents of nationality have not been objected to by the Iranian Government.

What are the requirements for naturalization in Iran?

Article 983 – An application for naturalization must be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly or through the Governors or Governors-General, and be accompanied by the following documents: 1 – Certified copies of identity documents of the applicant, his wife and children.

When was the nationality law passed in Iran?

The aforementioned law consisting of a single article was ratified by the Islamic Consultative Assembly at the session on Tuesday September 16, 1993 and was approved by the Guardian Council 10.14.1993.

Can a person with Iranian nationality return to another country?

Article 978 – Reciprocal treatment will be observed in the case of children born in Iran of nationals of countries where children born of Iranian subjects are considered nationals of that country and the return of such children to Iranian nationality is made dependent on permission. Article 979 – Persons can obtain Iranian nationality if they:

How does a child gain nationality in Iran?

Children acquire nationality of Iran through their fathers, but not their mothers. There has been a move in the past to change this law to enable a large population of Afghan men, and their Iranian-born children full citizenship. The full nationality law is defined in Book 2 of the Civil Code of Iran, Articles 976 through 991.