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When did the mechanic start working on my car?

When did the mechanic start working on my car?

Hi there fellas… I left my car on a shop for an engine replacement on 4/28/16. I made a call a week later to check on the progress of the repairs. He said he would start working on the car starting on Saturday and that it will be ready in a couple of days.

What should I do if my mechanic takes too long?

Make sure the coolant system is holding, no leaks, oil or otherwise…many things need to be sorted in the follow up of this job. You do NOT want to get the car back and hit the highway for a cross country trip immediately. Hard to advise you on this one…as I think he is so deep now that you cant really do anything anyway.

What to do if mechanic won’t show you labor hours?

Ask for a breakdown of the labor hours you’re being charged for, then ask to see the labor hours in the guide. If they don’t want to show you, or start making excuses to explain a discrepancy, or if the hours don’t match, it’s time to take your business elsewhere.

What do you do on a mechanical maintenance course?

As the candidates assemble the motor and shaft, they check using a dial gauge that it is aligned correctly. The Vee Belt Tension and Alignment Exercise on the mechanical maintenance training courses.

How many hours does an industrial machinery mechanic work?

Most industrial machinery mechanics and machinery maintenance workers are employed full time during regular business hours. However, mechanics may be on call and work night or weekend shifts. Overtime is common, particularly for mechanics.

What should I do if I want to be an industrial mechanic?

You want to be an industrial mechanic (millwright). You want to install, maintain and repair stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment. You know all about fitting bearings, aligning gears and shafts, attaching motors, and connecting couplings and belts to precise tolerances.

How long is the industrial mechanic program in Saskatchewan?

This 18-week program gives you a working knowledge of machinery common to most industries and an introduction to preventative maintenance procedures. This program covers all level 1 subjects and is recognized by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certificaton Commission (SATCC). Work experience of 2 weeks is part of the program.

What kind of equipment does an industrial mechanic use?

INDUSTRIAL MECHANIC MILLWRIGHT An Industrial Mechanic Millwrightworks on industrial machinery, mechanical equipment and components, including mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel, lubrication, cooling and exhaust systems, and pumps, fans, tanks, conveyors, presses, generators and pneumatic and hydraulic controls.