When did the first green bond come out?

When did the first green bond come out?

The first green bonds were issued by the European Investment Bank, the Bank of the European Union, ten years ago on 4th July, 2007. Since then the EIB has issued more than €19bn of Climate Awareness Bonds in 11 different currencies.

What was the green card issued in 1951?

That is when a green color document was issued to those who were allowed to live here permanently. This document was called Form I-151. In 1951, those who had AR-3 cards were asked to replace those cards with Form I-151, Alien Registration Receipt Cards.

When did the green card have an expiration date?

But this new document was not in green color and it did not have an expiration date. It was named Resident Alien Card. As there were different versions of the card, it was difficult for the U.S. employers to verify the identity of the holder. Considering this, the INS issued a new version of the card in 1989. These new cards had expiration dates.

Is there a new version of the green card?

In May 2017, USCIS issued a new version of the green card. The re-design was a part of the Next Generation Secure Identification Document Project, according to the USCIS. This new card includes more security features. The older versions of the cards will remain valid until they expire.

How old was green algae when plants arose?

Until now, researchers didn’t have hard proof that green algae lived that long ago. Rather, computer models, including those based on molecular clocks, indicated that photosynthesizing plants arose between the Paleoproterozoic era (2.5 billion to 1.6 billion years ago) and the Cryogenian period (720 million to 635 million years ago).

When was the last edition of the Green Book published?

And now, more than 50 years after the final, 1966–67 edition of The Green Book was published, a new Smithsonian Channel documentary from the filmmaker Yoruba Richen traces the guide’s history and its ongoing significance.

How did the Green Book get its name?

Though the film is named for Green’s resource, the titular book appears only a handful of times. In one scene, Tony and Shirley are forced to stay in a decrepit motel after being refused service because the latter is black. The Green Book leads them there, acting as a kind of poverty compass.

When was the First World Bank green bond issued?

The first green bond issued by the World Bank 10 years ago created the blueprint for today’s US$500+ billion labeled bond market. This blog post looks at how green bonds changed investor and issuer behavior and how the same model can be applied to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.