What would you do if you found out a coworker was participating in drug diversion?

What would you do if you found out a coworker was participating in drug diversion?

With that in mind, here are the steps you can take to report drug diversion: First: Report the incident to the healthcare worker’s supervisor or employer. Tell someone in charge, such as a clinical supervisor, department head, or, when possible, the healthcare facility’s drug-diversion team.

What is drug diversion in nursing?

Drug diversion occurs when medication is redirected from its intended destination for personal use, sale, or distribution to others. It includes drug theft, use, or tampering (adulteration or substitution). Drug diversion is a felony that can result in a nurse’s criminal prosecution and loss of license.

Can a part time nurse detect drug diversion?

For example, a nurse working full-time, 12-hour shifts on a surgical ICU may have a greater opioid pull volume than a part-time nurse working in a rehabilitation setting. By customizing the parameters, the team can identify potential diversion activities unique to the clinical area.

What are the dangers of drug diversion in nursing?

Drug diversion and addiction are serious and sometimes uncomfortable situations for nurse leaders to address. Diversion can jeopardize patient care and safety, and leave healthcare organizations open to legal issues, financial loss, and damage to their reputations.

How does diversion detection work in nursing homes?

The diversion detection team, in conjunction with the nurse manager and CNS, monitors the flagged employee’s activity for a week and then meets to review the results of the monitoring period.

What are the benefits of drug diversion detection?

Although cost savings are important to any health system, the critical benefit of diversion detection software is the use of data analytics to identify potential drug diversion activity in a timely manner. Early identification of impaired staff may result in needed treatment]

What happens if rn is accused of diverting medication?

They only have to show that you were a tad bit sloppy. For a RN accused of diverting medication, there are 2 options when it comes to the BRN. 1.) you voluntarily enter the Diversion or Intervention Program 2.) the BRN launches its own investigation and imposes disciplinary action accordingly.

Is it common for nurses to be unfamiliar with drug diversion?

Although nurses strive to deliver safe, high-quality patient care, it is not uncommon for nursing leadership to be unfamiliar with the risks of diversion; thus, they may perceive the requirement to review analytics reports as just another time-consuming task.

What do you call an RN accused of stealing medication?

There is a term used specifically for an RN accused of stealing medication, it is calling diverting, and it happens so often that there is an entire program established by the BRN for such nurses. That program is the Diversion or Intervention Program.

How does the institution respond to drug diversion?

Aware that the institution is attempting to discover and thwart their actions, their focus is on outwitting surveillance in order to feed their increasing need for the diverted drugs.