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What was the pay cut for BuzzFeed employees?

What was the pay cut for BuzzFeed employees?

Ford took similar steps, deferring salaries of its top 300 executives. BuzzFeed, a news website, told its approximately 1,700 employees it would implement a graduated salary reduction for April and May. Those who make less than $65,000 will face a 5 percent pay cut, and those who make more than $125,000 will take a pay cut of more than 10 percent.

Can a company ban employees from discussing pay and salaries?

Employee compensation is a sensitive subject, one that many employers would like to keep secret. Can an employer in the U.S. create a company policy that prohibits employees from discussing pay rate and salary levels with other employees or (gasp) on social media?

When did Tesla cut pay for hourly employees?

Starting April 13th, Tesla is cutting pay for all salaried employees in the US and placing hourly workers who can’t work at home during the coronavirus pandemic on unpaid leave, according to an internal email that was viewed by The Verge.

How much money do you make as a salaried employee?

Updated September 25, 2019. A salary employee (also known as a salaried employee) is a worker who is paid a fixed amount of money or compensation (also known as a salary) by an employer. For example, a salaried employee might earn $50,000/year. Salaried employees are typically paid by a regular, bi-weekly or monthly paycheck.

How are salaried employees get ripped off at work?

People work through lunch. They never stop working. Their boss has a big stick to use in pressing an employee to take work home, stay late or work on the weekend: The boss is the person who determines the employee’s status at work, his or her pay increases and his or her very job security!

What happens when an employer Cuts Your Pay?

A pay cut that is universally applied to all employees, after all, is not about you, it’s about everyone. If a boss cuts the staff’s pay and keeps his current salary the result is likely a lot of people beginning a search for new jobs.

Do you get extra hours as a salaried employee?

Salaried employees don’t get either of these benefits. If somebody higher up on the food chain than they are wants them to work on a project that requires extra hours, the employee donates that time. Although salaried employees get a salary, few organizations tell them, “Go ahead and make your own hours. We trust you.”

When do salaried employees have to be at work?

Most salaried employees are required to be at work for a full working day even though they may take work home every night. When employees are on a time clock, their managers can’t schedule meetings without paying their employees for attending. That is not the case for salaried employees.