What was the lawsuit that Starbucks was sued for?

What was the lawsuit that Starbucks was sued for?

A year after Merriweather’s bogus coffee-with-heroin lawsuit, Starbucks was sued for serving coffee with cleaning chemicals. In July 2015, Cheryl Kingery of Clinton, Utah, filed a suit claiming that the coffee-con-detergent damaged her mouth and throat and caused chronic mouth pain.

Why is Stacy Pincus suing Starbucks for money?

You may have heard by now that last week someone filed a lawsuit against Starbucks for, essentially, putting ice in their iced drinks. Yes, Stacy Pincus of Chicago is suing the coffee chain for $5 million, claiming that it is not delivering the advertised number of fluid ounces of beverage to their paying customers.

Why did Anthony zaccaglin get sued by Starbucks?

In 2011, Anthony Zaccaglin and his wife were awarded $7.5 million after Zaccaglin slipped on the floor of a San Diego-area Starbucks and knocked his head on the cash register. The floor was slick because of employee negligence, as a barista had just mopped the area without placing a cone close enough to the affected area.

Why did Maya Hayuk get sued by Starbucks?

In the era of Starbucks it’s hard for a modest coffee establishment to make it, especially when its trying to do so right in the backyard of said monolithic chain. In 2015, Brooklyn artist Maya Hayuk sued Starbucks for $750,000 for stealing her designs to promote their Mini Frappacino campaign.

What was the class action lawsuit against Starbucks?

The New York Daily News reported that the Chicago class-action lawsuit wanted $5 million, for Starbucks to repay any customer who bought an iced drink in the past 10 years. That lawsuit was dismissed a few months later.

Who are the people suing Starbucks for underfilled Lattes?

In 2016, Starbucks was sued by two people in California, Siera Strumlauf and Benjamin Robles, who claimed the chain underfilled lattes by 25 percent in order to cut costs.

Why was Starbucks opposed to the EUTM application?

When the EUTM application was published by the EUIPO, it was opposed by Starbucks on the basis of a number of its earlier EU and UK trade mark registrations, including its well-known STARBUCKS COFFEE device mark, shown above. Starbucks’ earlier registered marks are protected for identical coffee/cafe services.

What was the most frivolous lawsuit in 2016?

Named the most frivolous lawsuit of 2016 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform, the $5 million lawsuit was dismissed by a Chicago federal judge in late 2016. And, if you’re worried about not getting your money’s worth for your iced drink at Starbucks, here’s a solution: Request light ice.