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What to do when you are done with your class work?

What to do when you are done with your class work?

Here are some suggestions for how to keep your speedy workers occupied while their classmates finish their assignments.Check your work for errors. Can I make it better?Read a book.Write in your journal.Write a story.Help someone else.Tidy up your desk/table.Tidy up the class room.Catch up on some home work.

How do you handle a gifted child?

8 Ways to Support Your Gifted ChildEncourage them to do things they’re bad at. Get help if you need it. Don’t assume they’ll always be gifted. Provide intellectual challenges. Avoid comparisons where possible. Be open-minded about their choice of friends. Be honest with them about their abilities.

How would you support a gifted child in the classroom?

Five Ways to Support Gifted Students in Your ClassroomLearn how gifted students think. Created tiered assignments for students. Include a variety of levels in your classroom library. Utilize their talents and interests. Explore real-word application. Additional Resources.