What to ask a child protection intake worker?

What to ask a child protection intake worker?

The Child Protection Intake worker will ask you for certain information, including: safety assessment – assessment of immediate danger to the child or children. For example, information may be sought on the whereabouts of the alleged abuser or abusers

When do employees have the right to take parental leave?

In addition, almost all employees have a right to take time off work (although not necessarily with pay) to care for their children. Employees who have worked for their employer for one year and have one qualifying child are entitled to take 18 weeks’ unpaid parental leave before their child’s…

Who is required to report a child to child protection?

Anyone who forms a reasonable belief that a child is in need of protection is entitled to make a report to child protection. Some professional groups are legally required to report a reasonable belief a child is in need of protection from physical injury or sexual abuse to child protection authorities.

Who is responsible for child protection in Victoria?

Child Protection will assess and, where necessary, investigate whether the child or young person is at risk of significant harm.Child Protection is part of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

When does an employer need to pay for child care?

Employers in violation of the provisions providing for up to an additional 10 weeks of paid leave to care for a child whose school or place of care is closed (or child care provider is unavailable) are subject to the enforcement provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Can a small business get exemption from child care leave?

Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees may qualify for exemption from the requirement to provide leave due to school closings or child care unavailability if the leave requirements would jeopardize the viability of the business as a going concern.

How does employer work under emergency family and medical leave Expansion Act?

How does the “for each working day during each of the 20 or more calendar workweeks in the current or preceding calendar” language in the FMLA definition of “employer” work under the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act?

Can a parent take paid leave under the ffcra?

Yes, you are eligible to take paid leave under the FFCRA on days when your child is not permitted to attend school in person and must instead engage in remote learning, as long as you need the leave to actually care for your child during that time and only if no other suitable person is available to do so.