What should I do if my doctor dismisses me?

What should I do if my doctor dismisses me?

The best situation a patient who is being dismissed can hope for is a postal letter that provides 30 days notice, access to their medical records, and suggestions for new providers. 4  At the least, the patient may receive no notice whatsoever.

What happens if you send a dismissal letter to a patient?

If you dismiss this patient, that dismissal letter could be a death sentence. If you must terminate your relationship with him, make sure the transfer of care is complete before attempting to move forward. A bad patient dismissal letter neglects to mention medical records. Your patient is always entitled to receive a copy of his medical records.

Can a doctor write a bullet proof dismissal letter?

These letters are chameleons. Their language must change to suit your patient’s circumstances. The art of writing the “bullet-proof” patient dismissal letter is one many a physician would love to master. Written correctly, these letters insulate you against potential charges of malpractice and patient abandonment.

Can a doctor dismiss a patient with cancer?

For example, a pregnant woman cannot be dismissed by her doctor within a few weeks of delivery. A cancer patient cannot be fired before his chemo or radiation treatments are completed. However, a patient who has been on a primary care doctor’s roster, but hasn’t visited that doctor in a year or two might be dismissed.

When do you feel dismissed by a doctor?

A patient should never feel dismissed. When patients are feeling sick, (due to any reason or cause) they are often also feeling vulnerable. When you’re feeling vulnerable, self-advocating is harder, perhaps even impossible at times. Sometimes it’s easier to allow your thoughts, feelings, symptoms, fears or worries to be dismissed.

Is it illegal for a doctor to dismiss a patient?

When dismissal is not an option. Even though physicians retain the legal right to dismiss patients in many situations, there are some circumstances when it’s not only unadvisable but unethical and, depending on the state where it occurs, illegal and punishable both by law and by censure.

What makes a doctor dismiss a patient as a last resort?

Missed appointments, chronic lateness, drug-seeking behavior, belligerent attitudes and refusal of treatment can strain a physician-patient relationship to the breaking point.

How often do primary care doctors dismiss patients?

Data on patient dismissal are scanty, but a 2008 study of 526 primary care physicians published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine suggests that as many as 85% of primary care physicians have dismissed at least one patient.