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What makes an effective handbook?

What makes an effective handbook?

Most employee handbooks include information on: Company culture, values, and a mission statement. Human resource and legal information as well as rights and obligations related to employment. Realistic expectations; both what the company expects to see from its employees and what employees can expect from the company.

What should be included in a state employee handbook?

It explains the laws, regulations, and policies governing your employment, as well as the benefits and services to which you are entitled as a state employee. Your agency may have policies in addition to those contained in this handbook, so you should familiarize yourself with those as well.

Do you need to update your employee handbook?

Any employee handbooks should be reviewed by your legal counsel for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations and should be modified to suit your organization’s culture, industry and practices. Are you already subscribed and saving time building and updating your employee handbook?

Where can I find the employee handbook in Kentucky?

EMPLOYEE SERVICES/RECOGNITION 48 Communications 48 Kentucky Employee Suggestion System (KESS) 49 Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign (KECC) 49 Kentucky Human Resource Information System (KHRIS): Self-Service Center 50 MyPURPOSE 50 Training and Development Services 50 EMPLOYEE RELATIONS 52

Is the employee handbook a contract or contract?

– 5 – This handbook is not a contract and the statements contained in it do not have the force of law. Personnel laws and regulations may modify or supersede any or all statements in this handbook.

What is the state of Indiana employee handbook?

The state of Indiana Employee Handbook is provided only as a resource summarizing the personnel policies and procedures for the employment relationship between the state and its employees.

Do you need to keep an employee handbook?

However, if you have employees operating in multiple states it is recommended that you maintain employee handbooks in each applicable state. You have successfully saved this page as a bookmark.

Where can I find the federal employee handbook?

You can find more information about these legally required federal policies from the Department of Labor’s website. If your business operates in multiple states, you may need to write multiple versions of the employee handbook. The following policies are required to be included in the employee handbook.

Where can I find the SPD employee handbook?

For questions about any of the provisions of this handbook or other aspects of the laws, rules and policies that affect state government employment, contact the State Personnel Department at 1.855.SPD.INHR (1.855.773.4647) or your agency HR representative.