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What kind of company is Ajilon?

What kind of company is Ajilon?

About Ajilon. We help administrative, healthcare, human resources, and supply chain and logistics specialists find the right temp or permanent fit.

Is Ajilon legitimate?

I’m not sure the specifics, but yes, Ajilon is a legitimate company. My father worked with them in the early 2000s for a software job. Generally a recruiting company will keep your resume and hand, give you a brief interview and contact you if you match with any job offers that come their way.

Are Ajilon and Adecco the same company?

For 2009, it ranked 839th on the Fortune 1000 Currently, ranked as a Fortune 500 as 441. Formerly MPS Group Inc., its brands are a subsidiary of the Swiss firm Adecco Group….History.

Brand Discipline
Entegee Engineering
Ajilon Front Office
Modis Information Technology
Beeline Workforce Solutions

Does Ajilon cost money?

Does it cost money to work with Ajilon? No way, never! We’ll help you find a job at absolutely no cost to you.

What did Adecco used to be called?

Our History The name “Adecco” itself actually came about back in 1996 when two of the world’s top staffing firms, Adia and Ecco, merged.

Is Ajilon a good company to work for?

Great Company! Awesome team, great work-life balance. Leadership usually is receptive to feedback, and you feel like everyone really wants to see you succeed.

Is Adecco Group A legit company?

This company is a complete scam for all working contractors. They’re profiting off of workers who want the opportunity to work at big name companies. Instead, workers get barely nonexistent benefits, practically no HR and an endless maze of Adecco contacts who seemingly change with every email you receive.

Is Adecco trusted?

The Adecco Group UK and Ireland’s brands recognised as UK’s Best Workplaces™ London, 30th April 2020 – The Adecco Group UK&I’s brands: Adecco UK, Spring, Office Angels and Badenoch + Clark were all named by Great Place to Work® on their annual ranking of the UK’s Best Workplaces.