What is the relationship between my grandchildren and my sisters grandchildren?

What is the relationship between my grandchildren and my sisters grandchildren?

Second cousins. Family relationship tiers work like this: The relationship is counted from the generation of the person closest to the common ancestor. So for example, the grandchildren of both you and your sister (siblings) are second cousins because they are on the same generational tier.

Can a grandparent sue for custody of a grandchild?

Although there are specific laws about grandparent visitation, a grandparent custody suit is simply considered a third party custody suit. 1  The court is not obliged to give a grandparent’s suit any special consideration. As a grandparent, you may not agree with how your grandchildren are being raised.

Can a grandparent get custody of a grandchild in Texas?

Grandparents. Once again, the rules governing grandparent rights to custody are as varied as the state legislatures that write them. In Texas, a grandparent can’t obtain custody of a grandchild unless there are serious concerns about the child’s welfare or unless the parents consent to a change in custody.

Can a grandparent have custody if both parents have died?

Grandparents Grandparents don’t usually have any custody rights over a grandchild if both parents are fit. In some states, grandparents are entitled to limited visitation rights when their own child—the child’s parent—has died. But parents and grandparents are not on an equal playing field when it comes to custody.

When to seek legal custody or guardianship of grandchildren?

If parents wish to regain custody, they must go to court. When grandparents find themselves raising grandchildren, there are some good reasons why they should seek guardianship, primarily to prevent the children from being summarily taken back by the parents.

How can grandparents get custody of their grandchildren?

Grandparent custody cases are often very challenging, and grandparents who wish to seek custody of grandchildren should consult with a lawyer who is familiar with third party custody cases. The lawyer can help grandparents fully consider their chances for success and plan how to improve those chances.

What happens if grandparents do not have legal guardianship?

Although courts give parents special consideration in custody cases, if the grandparents lack legal guardianship, the parents may be able to reclaim their children without going through the legal system. Even if the grandparents have guardianship, however, the parents’ rights are not normally terminated.

Can a grandparent sue a grandchild in court?

If the grandparents are wealthier and able to give the grandchildren advantages, it might seem that the grandparents would have an edge in court. In actuality, giving special consideration to one party because of financial or social standing would violate the principle of equal treatment under the law.

Can a parent take a child away from a grandparent?

Without a legal form of grandparent custody, a parent or parents can swoop in and take their children away from the grandparents who have been caring for them. Even worse, the parent or parents can totally cut off contact between the grandparents and grandchildren. 6