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What is the mission of the Delaware State Police?

What is the mission of the Delaware State Police?

On behalf of the men and women of the Delaware State Police I would like to welcome you to our website. The mission statement of the Delaware State Police is to enhance the quality of life for all Delaware citizens and visitors by providing professional, competent and compassionate law enforcement services.

Who are the Delaware police use of force investigations?

Eric Sherkey Ofc. Kevin Woerner Tpr. William Harris Ofc. Joseph Wyka Tpr. India Sturgis Tpr. Jason Vernon Ptl. Keith Gautier

Can a police officer arrest you in Delaware?

The warrants available in this database consist of warrants issued by the courts of Delaware. Recent changes in the status of the warrants may not be reflected in this online database. Only law enforcement officers can arrest a person for an outstanding warrant.

Who are the members of the Delaware Police Department?

Andrew Baldwin Tpr. Vincent Scardilli Ofc. Steven Cronin Ptlm. Luis Vazquez Ofc. David Simmons Ofc. LaVette Williams Ofc. Joseph Dellose Ofc. Daniel Silva Ofc. Thomas Lynch Ofc. James MacColl Ptlm. Patrick Karpin Ofc. Angeline DiFebo Ofc. Keith Johnson Ofc. Andrew Osgood Ofc. Nicholas Shovlin Ofc. Sean Sweeney-Jones Ofc. David Christopher Ofc.

What do you need to know about Delaware State Police?

The Delaware State Police is a progressive agency that is rich in tradition and we see our website as a chance to share both of those concepts with you. As a progressive agency we try to use technology not only to fight crime and enhance traffic safety, but also as a method to improve our communication with the public and the media.

Where is the Delaware State Police in New Castle?

The incident […] New Castle – Delaware State Police are on the scene of a serious motor vehicle crash that occurred at approximately 5:14 p.m., this evening, May 26, 2021, on River Road […] Hartly– The Delaware State Police are conducting a homicide investigation that occurred early this morning near Hartly.

Who was arrested in Milford Delaware on Sunday?

Milford – The Delaware State Police have made an arrest in the serious crash that occurred late Sunday afternoon south of Milford. William T. Ackridge Jr., 18 of Newark, DE […]

What does the Delaware State Police Community Outreach Unit do?

The Delaware State Police Community Outreach Unit was developed to foster positive relations with our communities in the First State as well as provide training and presentations to members of our community.