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What is the law regarding sexting in New Jersey?

What is the law regarding sexting in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, it’s also a crime to send obscene material to a child younger than 18. Under this law, it would be a crime for an adult to sext an obscene selfie or other obscene images to a child. A minor who sexts obscene images to another minor could also be charged under this law.

Are there federal laws against sexting?

For instance, federal law considers any sexually suggestive image of a minor to be child pornography. The government can prosecute anyone for the production, distribution, reception, and possession of child pornography. It follows that sexting and possessing a sext of a minor is illegal.

Is it illegal for birds to poop on statues in NJ?

In New Jersey it’s illegal to slurp your soup in public. In Trenton it’s illegal to eat pickles on Sunday. In New Jersey it’s illegal for birds to poop on statues. In New Jersey it’s illegal for a man to knit during fishing season.

What things are illegal in New Jersey?

8 Crazy Laws in New Jersey

  1. You Can’t Slurp Soup.
  2. A Man Can’t Knit During Fishing Season.
  3. No One May Annoy Someone of the Opposite Sex.
  4. You’re Not Allowed to Frown at Police Officers.
  5. You Need a Doctor’s Note to Buy Ice Cream After 6 p.m.
  6. You Can’t Pump Your Own Gas.
  7. You Can’t Curse.

Is sending unsolicited pictures illegal NJ?

Sending someone nude photos without their consent, whether they are photos of you or someone else, could amount to harassment, which is a crime in New Jersey. Under N.J.S.A. § 2C:33-4, repeated communications that cause annoyance or alarm are illegal.

What are the laws and regulations of New Jersey?

In January 2014, the Governor signed into law P.L. 2013, c. 259 . Pursuant to that statute the Department of State provides the following Laws and Regulations as a service to our users. The Laws and Regulations displayed here have been copied from:

How to find the state of New Jersey?

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Is the state of New Jersey still open?

New Jersey Government is open and working for you. Many State Agencies and organizations are responding with needed programs during this serious health emergency.

What are the reasons for unemployment ineligibility in NJ?

Reasons for ineligibility could include: Your claim is invalid due to self-employment, your employer is exempt (for example, a church), or you have insufficient work history. You’re ineligible because you had a prior disqualification or couldn’t meet a requirement.