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What is the Burgundy Book for Teachers?

What is the Burgundy Book for Teachers?

national conditions of service for
The Burgundy Book A handbook detailing all the national conditions of service for school teachers in England and Wales, covering additional terms including notice periods, retirement, sick pay, maternity and other leave and insurance provisions.

What is the probationary period for a tenured teacher?

A tenured teacher in a school district or BOCES who obtains employment in another district will now have a three year probationary period, provided the teacher did not receive an ineffective in their last year at the prior school.

How long does a probationary period usually last?

Length of probationary period. Employers who wish to include a probationary period clause in their employment contract should bear in mind that most probationary periods last for three to six months. While a probationary period of less than three months probably won’t give an employer enough time to assess whether a new employee is a good fit …

What happens if an employee fails to pass a probationary period?

If an employee fails to pass their probationary period, the employer should be well placed to demonstrate that the employee’s employment was terminated for a fair reason. Employers should arrange a performance review meeting before an employee’s probationary period expires.

Can a probationary period be terminated on short notice?

Regardless of the length of the probationary period, both parties should be able to terminate the employee’s employment on short notice during that time. For example, if the usual notice provision is three months, it may be preferable to have a one-month notice provision during the probationary period.

How long is the probationary period for untenured teachers?

The probationary period is extended from three to four years for untenured teachers. Boards of Education will no longer be able to specify an end date to the probationary period and teachers will be notified at their appointment that tenure will depend on their APPR ratings.

Do you have to have a probation period if you are a teacher?

Yes, many different types of schools (academies to independent schools) employ teachers with a probationary period in their contracts. However, some schools decide not to have a probation period for teachers and their probation periods only apply to supply staff.

Can a teacher be tenured after the fourth year?

A teacher rated ineffective in the fourth year cannot receive tenure at that time. A Board of Education can agree to extend the probationary period an additional year (thus offering a fifth probationary year). The law does not prohibit additional years of probation.

Can a probationary teacher be dismissed for wrongful dismissal?

Prior to attaining tenure, a probationary teacher may be dismissed at the discretion of the school district, subject to contractual and constitutional restrictions. Laws other than those governing tenure will apply to determine whether a discharge of a teacher is wrongful.