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What is pursuable?

What is pursuable?

Filters. Able to be pursued or followed. adjective.

Is pursuable a verb?

intr. 1. To follow in an effort to overtake or capture; chase.

What does virtuously mean?

1a : having or exhibiting virtue. b : morally excellent : righteous a virtuous decision. 2 : chaste. 3 : potent, efficacious.

What is pursuant to mean?

: in carrying out : in conformity with : according to.

Is Pursuable an adverb?

Pursuable is an adjective.

What do you call a person with strong morals?

If you call someone virtuous, you are saying that person is living according to high moral standards. Someone virtuous is who you want leading your Girl Scout troop.

What makes a virtuous person?

Virtue, by definition, is the moral excellence of a person. Morally excellent people have a character made-up of virtues valued as good. They are honest, respectful, courageous, forgiving, and kind, for example. Some might say good qualities are innate, but we’re not perfect.

What does Pursuant mean in legal terms?

The expression “pursuant to” is used in legal drafting to link a provision to another provision or to some factual matter. Although it is used in legal writing and in the legal community, it is not used in ordinary speech or writing.

What is a person with no morals called?

When someone is immoral, they make decisions that purposely violate a moral agreement. Immoral is sometimes confused with amoral, which describes someone who has no morals and doesn’t know what right or wrong means.

What is an ethical person called?

Some common synonyms of ethical are moral, noble, righteous, and virtuous.

How to make a persuasive case in business?

The lessons learned from this experience inspired me to share the following tips for making a persuasive case in business: 1. Make a data-driven case. Convincing someone to agree with your idea or approach typically requires a little more than saying, “Trust me.” You need research, facts, and evidence to support your claims.

Which is the best definition of the word pursuable?

1. To follow in an effort to overtake or capture; chase: a fox that was pursued by hounds. 2. To strive to gain or accomplish: pursue lofty political goals. 3. To proceed along the course of; follow: a ship that pursued the southern course. 4. a. To carry further; advance: Let’s not pursue this argument. b.

Which is the best definition of persuadability?

tr.v. per·suad·ed, per·suad·ing, per·suades. To cause (someone) to accept a point of view or to undertake a course of action by means of argument, reasoning, or entreaty: “to make children fit to live in a society by persuading them to learn and accept its codes” (Alan W. Watts).

Which is not a pursuable principle in the Dictionary?

The 4th principle is pursuable for desktop platform, due to 1:1 correspondence in case of mobile/touch-based systems C/D ratio is not pursuable (Amy et al., 2007). Dictionary browser ? Full browser ? is now available in paperback and eBook formats.

Which is the best definition of the word persuadable?

Definition of persuadable : capable of being persuaded Examples of persuadable in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Focusing on people who are networked and accessible instead of a company that is open-minded and persuadable?

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Who are the persuadable people in the USA?

— Randy Illig, Forbes, 20 May 2021 Vaccine-hesitant San Francisco metro area residents also appear slightly more persuadable than other Americans. — Susie Neilson, San Francisco Chronicle, 7 May 2021 If the Biden administration is effective in branding those programs as a result of their work, some persuadable voters may take notice.