What is an adopted mother?

What is an adopted mother?

Filters. A woman who has adopted a child, as opposed to a biological mother.

Why did I feel betrayed by my adoptive father?

Needless to say, I was hurt and devastated, not because he even wanted to search, but for the way he went about it, totally behind my back. Since then, things have gotten worse.

Is there anyone out there who cares about adoptive parents?

It took me no time to realize that there is no one out there in the world of adoption who is concerned or cares about the adoptive parents. When all this happened, I contacted the adoption agency and was told, in no uncertain terms, that he is 21 and he can do what he wants.

How old was my son when he was adopted?

My son, age 25 and in the Army, was adopted when he ws 3 days old. Yes, we are older adoptive parents, but we have loved our son since day one. Three years ago, while he was deployed to Iraq, I received a one line email from him stating, “can you send me the name of the adoption agency…the search begins….lol”.

When did my dad leave his estate to my Stepmother?

My dad passed away five years ago. He did leave a will on how he wanted his estate to be dispersed, but only if his current wife was also deceased. She was not, so she got everything. My question is: When she passes, is she required to honor our dad’s will?

When did my son’s biological father pass away?

A couple of months ago our family got the news that my son’s biological father had passed away. While it really would not have been a big deal to me, it did affect my son.

How to help my adopted child cope with the death of a birth?

I have tried to tell Chris that no matter what his father had done, at least his father chose to give Chris life. There will always be a part of the man within my son, and if my son were to choose hatred toward his father, then Chris would really end up hating a part of himself.

What happens when a father dies without a will?

Children’s inheritance rights are determined by state laws when there is no will. Therefore, a child may receive far less or much more than the father intended if the father died without a will. Most states give preference to surviving spouses and children when a father dies without a will.

Can a father leave property to a child?

For fathers who want to leave certain property or assets to a child, they can do this through a will so that they control what happens once deceased instead of allowing the state to make those decisions. This portion of the site is for informational purposes only.