What is a light duty position?

What is a light duty position?

What is light duty? Generally, “light duty” refers to temporary or permanent work that is physically or mentally less demanding than normal job duties (EEOC, 1996).

Do you have to keep employee on light duty?

The court found that the ADA does not require an employer with a nondiscrimination hiring policy to assign an employee to a permanent light-duty position or to reassign the plaintiff to an available position. Rather, Lowe’s could require the plaintiff to find another position for which he was qualified.

What to do when no light duty is available?

This practice occurs when the employer has not properly prepared for Return to Work. A more effective strategy is to create a transitional duty job bank prior to injury that contains a list of productive light duty positions. Ask supervisors to create a ‘wish list’ of tasks they need completed, but have not had time to complete.

Can a light duty assignment be offered as an alternative?

When an employee seeks FMLA leave, an employer can offer a light duty assignment as an alternative (to keep the employee working), but the employee has the right to take FMLA leave instead.

When to use a light duty job offer letter?

LIGHT DUTY JOB OFFER LETTERS Below are links to two different light duty job offer letters. Use the letter for Modified Job of Injury if the employee is working at their regular job, with modifications. Use the letter for Temporary Alternative Duty if the employee is working light duty at a job other than their regular position.

When to ask about light duty work restrictions?

The ultimate goal is to allow the worker to recover from the injuries and return to gainful employment. Questions can arise when an employee’s doctor places light-duty work restrictions on the authorization to return to work or when an employer offers a worker the opportunity to return to light-duty work while the individual is still recovering.

Can a work related injury be considered light duty?

Many employers are reluctant to bring injured employees back who were hurt off the job because they fear if the employee aggravates the injury while on light duty at work, it may become a workers’ comp case. As a result, many employers put policies in place limiting light duty jobs to individuals with work related injuries or illnesses only.

Can a salaried employee work under light duty?

Answer: Salaried employees, as opposed to those paid on the basis of the number of hours worked each day, could be entitled to receive their usual salary even if working under light-duty work restrictions, depending upon the laws a particular state.

What happens if Doctor clears you for light duty work?

If a physician has cleared a worker to return with light-duty work restrictions, a refusal to do so by the worker could result in the loss of workers’ compensation benefits. #3 – Does the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) affect offers of light-duty work?