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What is a civil cover sheet?

What is a civil cover sheet?

This form, approved by the Judicial Conference of the United States in September 1974, is required for the use of the Clerk of Court for the purpose of initiating the civil docket sheet. Consequently, a civil cover sheet is submitted to the Clerk of Court for each civil complaint filed.

Are civil case information sheets required in Texas?

The Texas Supreme Court has repealed the requirement that you file a civil case information sheet when filing a new lawsuit. You may not need this form.

How do I file a civil suit in Texas?

To start your lawsuit, you’ll prepare a form called a Petition. Give this form to the Clerk of the Court (filing). The person who files the Petition is called the Plaintiff. (See Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 22.)

Who is the plaintiff in a civil action?

The PLAINTIFF is the person who files the lawsuit. The DEFENDANT is the person who is being sued. If the you are representing yourself without the benefit of an attorney, you are known as a PRO SE LITIGANT. “Pro Se” is a Latin term meaning “for yourself.” As a pro se litigant, you enjoy every right entitled to you under the law.

Where do I put the defendant’s name in a civil lawsuit?

The NAME AND ADDRESS of the plaintiff and the defendant. These are usually listed in the first and second paragraphs respectively. If there is more than one defendant, list each defendant’s name and address in separate additional paragraphs. 2. The JURISDICTION or reason your case is being filed in this federal court. See 28 U.S.C. ยง1331 et seq. 3.

What happens when you file a civil action?

If your COMPLAINT is filed, your case will be drawn to a District Judge and assigned a civil action number. The completed SUMMONS (Attachment 4) will be signed and sealed by the clerk and returned to you. Your next step is to SERVE (inform) each of the defendants that he or she is being sued. This may be done in two ways: 1.