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What happens when Midland is sued by a debt collector?

What happens when Midland is sued by a debt collector?

A default judgment gives Midland, or the debt collector that sued you, the ability to garnish your wages, freeze your bank accounts and take money out, and put liens on your property. On top of that, in Illinois, a judgment can last for 27 years and accrue 9% interest annually.

What to do when sued by a debt collector?

Midland Credit Management (MCM) and Midland Funding lawsuits can be intimidating and financially devastating. You need a Debt Defense Attorney, Chicago Consumer Law Center, an experienced debt lawsuit defense law firm on your side. Being sued by a debt collector is an unwelcome experience.

How to respond to a debt collection notice?

Start with the debt collection agency first. Send a letter, either certified post or with signature request to verify its receipt, stating your case for disputing the account. Include any relevant documentation, including your full name, current and recent addresses, your date of birth and the account number in question.

What happens if a debt collector sues me?

Warning: You also may lose the ability to dispute that you owe the debt if a court issues a judgment against you. A judgment is a court order. Only the court can change it. It’s very difficult to get a judgment changed or set aside once the case is over.

What happens when you get served papers for debt?

One thing that happens when you get served papers for debt is that the burden of proof rests heavily with the plaintiff. That means the person suing you has to prove: That you are responsible for the debt; That they have the right to sue you; That you owe a specific amount

What happens if a creditor sues without compensation?

Plus, attorneys who believe the creditor has acted illegally may take your case without compensation from you. That’s because if the court determines the creditor acted outside of the law, it might order the plaintiff to pay all legal fees. That includes paying your lawyer.

What to do if you get wrong phone number from debt collector?

If the collector has the wrong information, like an address or phone number you’ve never used, don’t correct the mistake with the right information. And don’t give any other personal information.