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What happens when an organization undergoes a restructuring?

What happens when an organization undergoes a restructuring?

Unfortunately, when organizations undergo downsizings, restructurings, or other major changes, a whole host of unhealthy, unreasonable expectations frequently arise. Upper management may expect, for example, that increased productivity will quickly occur, even though the work force has been seriously reduced.

What’s the difference between a reduction in force and a RIF?

A reduction-in-force, on the hand, did not come with such an expectation. An RIF usually meant that a certain job, or even an entire department, was being eliminated. While this distinction still exists for some employers, other employers may treat layoffs and RIFs the same.

What should I do if I am made redundant in a restructuring?

Otherwise there is a danger that your dismissal will be unfair. If you are made redundant in a restructuring, your employer should offer you suitable alternative employment if there is any. Otherwise, any dismissal may well be unfair.

What happens when there is a reorganisation at work?

It is not unusual for workerscaught up in a reorganisation to find themselves being expected to apply for a job that looks the same – or at least remarkably similar – to their existing role. Ending your employment contractis a dismissal, even if you are simultaneously offered the chance to apply for a new job very similar to your old one.

How to deal with employees during a reduction in force?

One way to boost employee morale and deal with disgruntled employees is by providing complete transparency of your reduction in force policy. This way, employees can understand exactly why and what brought about the layoffs. Termination of employment, layoffs, and RIFs in general are sore spots for employees and employers alike.

Who are early out, buyout, and reduction in force employees?

These generally include employees who have not been on the agency’s rolls since at least 31 days before the request was made, employees on time-limited appointment, and employees in receipt of a removal notice for misconduct or performance reasons.

What is the summary of OPM’s reduction in Force regulations?

The “Summary of OPM’s Reduction in Force Regulations” includes additional information on “Local Commuting Area.” A local commuting area usually includes one population center in which employees live and reasonably travel back and forth to work.

When to consider a reduction in force ( RIF )?

Let’s dive right it. Before you decide to enact a reduction in force it’s advisable to first consider alternatives to RIFs. In fact, you should treat a RIF as a last-ditch effort when all other alternatives fail to meet your business goals.