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What does it mean to make a reasonable accommodation?

What does it mean to make a reasonable accommodation?

Reasonable Accommodations A reasonable accommodation is a change, exception, or adjustment to a rule, policy, practice, or service that may be necessary for a person with disabilities to have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling, including public and common use spaces, or to fulfill their program obligations.

What should you know about reasonable accommodations under the ADA?

Under the ADA, reasonable accommodations are adjustments or modifications provided by an employer to enable people with disabilities to enjoy equal employment opportunities.

When to ask for an accommodation for back pain?

If your back pain is making it painful or difficult to sit at your desk all day, walk long distances to meetings and events, or lift boxes, for example, you should tell your manager that you have a disability and need an accommodation. You are not legally required to make your request in writing, but it’s a good idea.

When is it unlawful to refuse to make reasonable accommodations?

The Fair Housing Act makes it unlawful to refuse to make reasonable accommodations to rules, policies, practices, or services when such accommodations may be necessary to afford persons with disabilities an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling and public and common use areas.

When do I need to use reasonable accommodations?

Reasonable accommodations can apply to the duties of the job and/or where and how job tasks are performed. The accommodation should make it easier for the employee to successfully perform the duties of the position.

What kind of accommodations do I need for back pain?

Here are some accommodations that might help with particular limitations caused by back pain or neck pain: Mobility problems. Difficulty with reaching, lifting, pulling, and so on. Problems sitting or standing.

How is back impairment accommodated in the workplace?

The worker was accommodated with a specialty tool designed to decrease torque on wheel valve handles. A systems administrator with a back impairment is required to move, lift, and carry computers throughout the office. The person was accommodated with a compact, adjustable height lifting device with straps to secure the load.

Can a request for a reasonable accommodation be denied?

In addition, a request for a reasonable accommodation or modification may be denied if providing the accommodation or modification would impose an undue financial and administrative burden on the housing provider or it would fundamentally alter the nature of the housing provider’s program.