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What does it mean to be an accessory to a felony?

What does it mean to be an accessory to a felony?

Accessory to felony, defined; penalties. (1) A person is guilty of being an accessory to felony if with intent to interfere with, hinder, delay, or prevent the discovery, apprehension, prosecution, conviction, or punishment of another for an offense, he or she:

Can a person be convicted of accessory after the fact?

One of the elements that the prosecutor has to prove is that you knew that the principal has committed the felony, has been charged with the felony, or was convicted of the felony. If you had no such knowledge, you cannot be convicted of accessory after the fact.

When is robbery involving a gun a felony?

For instance, many state laws provide for a more serious felony charge if a gun or another dangerous weapon is used in the commission of a robbery. In some states, robbery involving a gun is referred to as aggravated robbery or armed robbery.

Can you be charged with a felony for robbing a bank?

There are also different federal laws under which you can be charged for robbery in certain circumstances. Federal felony robbery charges might occur if, for example, you rob a national bank, if the robbery involves the taking of property belonging to the federal government, or if the robbery obstructs interstate commerce.

What makes a person an accessory to a felony?

An accessory to a crime is a person who participates knowingly and voluntarily in the commission of a crime.

What does accessory to a crime after the fact mean?

Accessory to a crime after the fact means that you helped somebody after that person committed a felony crime with the intention that they escape punishment. It is a less serious charge than to help somebody in the planning or commission of a felony crime, but it is still a serious charge.

Who was the doting boyfriend who robbed armored cars?

To finally bring down the unassuming mastermind behind it all, the agents had to stage an elaborate trap—and catch him in the act. This article originally appeared in the May 2018 issue with the headline “The Sting,” and originally appeared on the web with the headline “The Doting Father Who Robbed Armored Cars.”

Can a conspirator be an accessory to a crime?

Once the conspirators make an agreement to commit a crime and both have intent for the crime to actually be committed, than a conspiracy has occurred. On the other hand, an accomplice or a accessory to a crime has to actually take an active role in the commission of the crime by aiding or assisting.