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What does it mean intermittent leave?

What does it mean intermittent leave?

Intermittent Leave means family or medical leave taken in separate periods of time due to a single illness or injury, rather than for one continuous period of time. Intermittent leave may include periods from an hour or more to several weeks.

What does intermittent family mean?

family-medical leave
Intermittent leave means family-medical leave taken in separate blocks of time due to a single qualifying reason.

What does intermittent FMLA mean for medical leave?

Intermittent FMLA is leave taken pursuant to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for a single injury, taken in separate, non-consecutive time periods rather than a single span of time.

Can you move to another job with intermittent FMLA?

Alternative Jobs to Accommodate Intermittent FMLA Leave In order to facilitate the needs of the employer as a result of employees taking intermittent leave or a reduced leave schedule, the employee can be moved from his current position to another so long as: The new position is equivalent in pay and benefits to the old position

When to use FMLA leave for medical appointments?

You may use intermittent FMLA leave to attend these appointments. FMLA leave is available to you during these flare-up periods and allows you to receive treatment for your serious medical condition without having to take continuous, unnecessary FMLA leave. Intermittent FMLA leave may be taken in very small increments.

What does it mean to take intermittent leave?

“Intermittent leave” is leave taken in separate blocks of time due to a single qualifying reason. A “reduced leave schedule” is a schedule that reduces an employee’s usual number of working hours per workweek or hours per workday.

What employers must offer FMLA?

Public agencies and the federal government. Any public agency, including federal agencies, state agencies, and county and city agencies are all required to provide FMLA benefits to employees.

Can a man get paid while on FMLA?

However, if he has saved enough vacation time and the company requires him to use paid time off during FMLA leave, he will be on paid FMLA leave. Women and men are entitled to continuation of health coverage benefits when on FMLA leave.

What medical conditions are covered under FMLA?

Chronic or long-term health conditions that are incurable or could incapacitate the patient for five or more days are considered serious health conditions. Diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, migraines, physical therapy and allergy treatments are some of the chronic or long-term health conditions covered by FMLA.

Can I be terminated while on FMLA?

No, you cannot be terminated while on FMLA (you can be terminated on your return, for a valid, non-FMLA-related reason). You may also not be terminated for having a disability or medical condition unless your employer truly cannot reasonably accommodate your condition (that is,…