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What does codeproject say about declaration terminated incorrectly?

What does codeproject say about declaration terminated incorrectly?

It says ‘declaration terminated incorrectly’ – CodeProject Error please help! ! It says ‘declaration terminated incorrectly’ Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Here is all the code, The error is in line 4. I am using turbo c++ with dosbox in windows 10

When do you know the correct answer to a question?

Regardless of the reason, you respond to the question with either an “I don’t know” or an answer that isn’t what the interviewer was trying to discern in regards to your personal expertise. After finishing the interview, you realize the correct answer.

What happens if you provide an incorrect answer to a technical question?

If you respond back at this point, though, then you run two risks: a) you look a bit obsessive, like “I have to let them know that I knew this answer”. b) you’ve waited long enough to respond that it could look like you looked the answer up, and you don’t gain anything with a right answer.

Do you put declarations before statements in C99?

You need to give scanf pointers to the integers you want to store the values in, not the values of those integers. Compile with C99 or GNU extensions. Place your declarations before any statements or expressions. Not the answer you’re looking for? Browse other questions tagged c arrays or ask your own question.

When to discuss termination on a job application?

The only reason you should discuss termination on a job application is if they specifically ask you for an explanation. Here are three scenarios to be prepared for: 1. The application fails to mention termination questions

How to answer the question ” Have you ever been fired?

To turn this difficult question to your advantage, make sure to work the following information into your answer: Show that you take responsibility by acknowledging any personal actions or mistakes that contributed to the situation. Tell the interviewer what you learned and how you used the experience to become a better worker.

Is the workplace closed as a result of covid-19?

Your workplace is closed as a direct result of COVID-19. You are self-employed, have reportable income and have experienced a significant diminution of services because of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

How to talk about termination in an interview?

Be positive in speaking about your termination to show the interviewer that you have good feelings about your previous employer. Even if your termination was the result of a negative experience, staying upbeat about the situation is crucial.