What do you suggest meaning?

What do you suggest meaning?

: to mention (something) as a possible thing to be done, used, thought about, etc. : to say that (someone or something) is good or deserves to be chosen. : to show that (something) is likely or true : to indicate (something) usually without showing it in a direct or certain way.

What is an example of suggest?

The definition of an example of suggest is to propose something or offer up a potential option for consideration. An example of suggest is when you propose that someone might want to go to the store. To show indirectly; imply; intimate. A silence that suggested agreement.

Does suggest mean you have to?

Get It Right! When suggest means ‘to offer an idea or a plan for someone to consider’, it is never followed by an infinitive. Use the pattern suggest doing something: ✗ The government suggested to construct another railway link to the mainland.

Has suggested meaning?

to mention an idea, possible plan, or action for other people to consider: I suggested an Italian restaurant near the station for the party.

How do we use suggest in a sentence?

(1) What do you suggest I order? (2) Statistics show/suggest that women live longer than men. (3) I suggest we go out to eat. (4) I suggest you take a taxi.

How can I use suggest in a sentence?

Suggest sentence example

  1. I suggest you take the advice.
  2. I suggest you accompany me home.
  3. While Cynthia hemmed and hawed about the most diplomatic way to suggest that the Dawkinses might billet down to two rooms from the three they now occupied, the situation cured itself.

What is mean by suggested for you?

3. To recommend or nominate someone for a particular role or position or as a recipient of some award. A noun or pronoun is used between “suggest” and “for.” I’ve suggested you for the new managerial position, so expect a call from our head office any day now for an interview.

What does the word suggest mean in English?

Suggest means mention or recommend something to think about, or something someone should do. You suggest a thought or an idea. 1. “I suggest that you call him.”

Which is the best definition of the word suggester?

To offer for consideration or action; propose: suggest things for children to do; suggested that we take a walk. 2. To express or say indirectly: The police officer seemed to be suggesting that the death was not an accident. 3.

Which is the base form of the verb suggest?

The verb says in the base form of the verb. The base form, or the bare infinitive, is the simplest form of a verb. It’s the way that you find a verb in the dictionary. Her brother suggests that she study harder. NOT: Her brother suggests that she studies harder.

When is insinuate a better word than suggest?

While in some cases nearly identical to suggest, insinuate applies to the conveying of a usually unpleasant idea in a sly underhanded manner. When might intimate be a better fit than suggest?

What does the word suggest mean?

suggest. 1. to put (an idea etc) before another person etc for consideration; to propose. He suggested a different plan; I suggest doing it a different way; She suggested to me one or two suitable people for the committee; I suggest that we have lunch now. 2. to put (an idea etc) into a person’s mind; to hint.

Is suggest a verb?

The word “suggest” is a verb. A verb is an action word – it tells what the subject in the sentence is doing. In this case, the verb “suggest” means to provide an idea or convey a thought to be considered.

What is the antonym of suggest?

Antonyms for suggest. convey advice, plan, desire: order, demand, tell, oppose, conceal, deny, refuse, stop, dissuade, take, withhold, declare, hide, prove.